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2018 Community Investment Application

Brick & Beam Society
Community Investment Application


The Brick & Beam Society, an affinity group of United Way Greater Portland, takes a broad view of the community, bringing leaders together and building momentum for action. They also leverage United Way of Greater Portland’s rich history, resources, knowledge and relationships to get results. Brick & Beam is aligned with Thrive 2027’s Community-Wide Goals and United Way of Greater Portland.   


Brick & Beam seeks to support projects that are high-impactsustainable and replicable and approaches that are innovativeholistic and collaborative. The proposal should clearly articulate how the proposed project aligns with these core principles of Brick & Beam and addresses a community need in Greater Portland. Brick & Beam is seeking proposals that support high need populations in the area of childhood education up through 8th grade. In addition to Brick & Beam’s broad support of early childhood education, they are interested in receiving proposals with an emphasis on STEM programming. 

All proposals must align with Thrive2027 goals; please see the following page for goal alignment information. 

If your organization has not already completed a Statement of Alignment with Thrive2027, please complete and returned the form that is included with this application. 

Amount: Between $25,000 and $50,000
Funding Period: One year, starting on award of grant funding, unless otherwise noted
Deadline for Submission: August 17, 2018

Submission Information: 

  • Brick & Beam Society, UWGP, One Canal Plaza, Suite 300, P.O. Box 15200, Portland, ME 04112-5200
  • One hard copy (3 hole punched) and 1 pdf version of the application emailed to brickandbeam@unitedwaygp.org. All application materials must be received by 5:00 p.m. on August 17.


Applications will be reviewed by Brick & Beam’s Impact Investing Committee (IIC) and a group of finalists will be selected. Finalists will be notified mid-September. IIC will meet individually with finalists to review their application. At this point IIC will communicate the approximate date of notification of investment decisions. In mid-October Brick & Beam hosts a Community Night at which those receiving funding will be asked to participate and share about their program.

If at any point during the process we can answer additional questions, please e-mail us at brickandbeam@unitedwaygp.org and someone will be in touch within 1-2 business days.

Thrive Alignment

To make measureable progress on the Thrive2027 goals, everyone will have to play a part through aligning work and reinforcing each other’s efforts. Your program/project must gather and share data that connects to the Thrive2027 indicators and strategies. Please refer to the attached Thrive2027 Goals Framework. 

Early childhood education strategies are under Goal 1 with additional education measures for middle and high school in Goal 2. Please pick the strategy(s) that most closely align with the work you are proposing.

While STEM focused work is not specifically labeled in the strategies, we encourage you to consider the following strategies which encompass STEM work:

Goal 1
S1.16 Provide children with supports to develop language, math and reading skills.

Goal 2
S2.1 Provide programming for youth to connect to caring adults (mentoring).
S2.2 Support programming for students after school and during summer.

If you have questions, or if you would like to request a copy of the Investment Application, please call or email Jennifer Burns at brickandbeam@unitedwaygp.org or 207-347-2309. 

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