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Meet a Member: Emily Hopkins

Meet Emily Hopkins, Co-Chair of the Membership & Programming Committee, and Senior Project Manager at Vets First Choice. Let her share #WhyIBrickAndBeam

Q. Tell us a little about yourself (Born Mainer? Career? Off-time finds you…)

While I’m not a born Mainer, I’m about as close as you can get, from right over the bridge in Portsmouth, NH. Coming to Maine 7 years ago, it quickly felt like home. Most recently, any free time I have is spent with my new puppy exploring the Eastern Prom and neighborhood that we call home. Lots of time spent running free on the beach, while we still can!

Q. How did you hear about Brick & Beam? / How long have you been a member of B&B?

Through my former position at Unum, I was connected to the United Way of Greater Portland to assist in some project work. Through many passionate conversations about what might be possible in this area and what our young leaders might be looking for, I found myself as a founding member and co-chair of the steering committee. I was part of a similar program when I was living in South Carolina experienced the connecting power a group like this can have. I was all in from the beginning!

Q. You’re a part of B&B, clearly you’re a doer— what else are you involved within our shared community? How do you lean in?

For me, Brick & Beam is my focus— it lets me explore new areas of my community I haven’t come into contact with, many in my own backyard. It allows me to flex my leadership skills and learn how to lead in a non-profit environment, as well as get my hands dirty with different volunteer and fundraising activities. Co-chairing the Steering Committee and Programming Committee has let me experience all aspects of this program— not just for myself but in helping build something sustainable that other peers can take part in and lean into as well.

Q. Lastly, #WhyIBrickAndBeam, what would you say to someone on the fence of joining this dynamic group of doers? / How can they get involved?

The piece for me that is most impactful is being able to see a difference in the community where we live and work. It is so easy to give globally— technology has helped us understand and be able to support needs around the world, which is a phenomenal power. But with that I feel like we lose focus on the immediate community we live in. Going to one event, volunteering or buying gloves for our mitten drive— you can have an immediate impact on the people we share this community with. That’s a powerful driver for getting and stating involved. Working on the micro level lets you have big impacts, and this group is a great platform to do that through!

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